A Certificate of Authenticity is a legal document that guarantees that a Limited Edition work of art is entirely genuine; that the number of prints stated for the edition size is never exceeded and that the reproduction is created to a certain standard.

The Certificate of Authenticity that Style Cube supplies with all of its Limited Edition Art is always numbered and signed by the artist. It shows details about the artwork such as title, size, reproduction method and media and the number of impressions in the edition. It also contains the specific contact details of the Art Publisher.

A Certificate of Authenticity is used by a publisher of Limited Edition art to validate the origin of a piece. and it signifies the piece you have bought is guaranteed 100% genuine.

Unfortunately, there is abuse in the Certificate of Authenticity business so whether you are buying from us or not, be sure to read our article The Importance of a Certificate of Authenticity for tips on how to check that a Limited Edition is genuine.

Note that some of our British artists do not sign the front of the original painting where they feel it detracts from the beauty of the art itself. So you will not see a signature on the actual Limited Edition Art Print. However, the artist will have signed your Certificate of Authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity