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At an art exhibition or fair, make sure you view everything on display before you make any decisions about buying contemporary or modern art. If something particularly catches your eye go back to it later for a more critical appraisal. Think about where you will display the art and from what distance you will be viewing it – does it still look as good? Remember that you should only consider buying modern art if you LOVE it. Never rush into buying a piece of modern art but also remember to trust your instincts – if you are immediately attracted to a piece and it looks just as good at a second viewing then don’t miss out – if you can afford it – BUY IT!

As long as the main reason for buying a piece of art is that you love it then don’t worry what others think, have confidence in your own opinion and judgement as you will be living with your choice of modern art for years to come. After all buying art is a much more personal choice than many other items that we buy for our home so our choice of art should not be solely influenced by interior design trends or the latest decorating styles.

There has been a resurgence of interest in paintings in the past few years and there is no denying that people generally want to own paintings rather than, say, sculpture or ceramics. Paintings generally fit more easily into our homes or offices. But the style of painting is really a matter of personal choice. Whether the medium is oil, acrylic, mixed media or watercolour or the style abstract, semi-abstract or figurative art, simply choose what appeals to your visual and inner senses and that will be good modern art.

Artists and galleries are, of course, keen to sell their work but they also want to know that you are as passionate about a piece of modern art as they are. So spend some time talking to the artist or gallery owner about what exactly attracts you to a particular piece. They are more likely to sell to you for a good price if they know their modern art is going to a good home.

Although there is always room for negotiation on the price of an original artwork, remember that an artist will not only have put lots of time into their work but also their energy, emotions and passion. But choose well, and the potential increase in value over time could be substantial if the artist becomes better known.

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Art publishers like Style Cube produce superior quality Limited Editions of their most popular contemporary art which can increase in value over time because of their rarity combined with the artist’s popularity. You can find more details about our Limited Edition Contemporary Art on our Information page.

Top Tips:
• Only buy modern art you LOVE.
• The more modern art you view the more discerning and selective you will become.
• Persevere with your search because the thrill of finding that perfect piece of art will be worth it.
• Avoid animals and portraits if you are looking for an increase on your art investment.

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