Threadneedle Prize for Painting and Sculpture

“...more pleasure and provocation than any Turner show of the past decade” Financial Times.

The Threadneedle Prize is an annual, open-submission competition. The competition is open to artists of all nationalities, aged 18 or over living or working in the UK.

The Threadneedle Prize aims to promote the best new figurative and representational art in Britain today. Works should be based on observation and experience, not on a conceptual or abstract world.

Its purpose is to encourage artists with real commitment and vision to submit fresh, powerful and intriguing work created especially for the competition. And to engage, excite and challenge the public on subjects of contemporary and topical significance. Submissions based on the human figure and other major themes are also welcome.

Works can be submitted in a variety of media: paintings, original prints and drawings, sculptures, mixed media constructions, reliefs and other figurative installations. Oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolour and other dry media are all acceptable. Photography and video is only acceptable within other mixed media installations.

Three selectors will decide the winner of the £25,000 Prize from a shortlist of seven works submitted through the open submission. Each of the six runners up will receive £1,000 and a £10,000 Visitors’ Choice prize will be awarded based on the votes of the general public.

If the public vote coincides with the selectors’ vote, one artist will win a total of £35,000, making the Threadneedle Prize the most valuable art competition for a single work of art in the UK.

The Threadneedle prize is supported by Mall Galleries, which provide a national focal point for contemporary figurative art by living artists working in the UK.

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