odalisqueiv_medChristine Comyn’s artistic journey began by mastering the delicate technique of watercolours showing graceful young females, She held her first professionally organised solo exhibition in 1988 which was an overwhelming success.


Christine moved on from her solely figurative style to explore the potential of colour and rhythm, but without neglecting the need for structure. The result was explosive colour compositions that possessed a unique pictorial tension amidst logical balance.


odalisqueiii_medHer art work offers us a combination of abstract and figure painting. The way in which the human figure – man or woman – is carefully integrated within the total image is quite surprising. Though they seem to occupy a central place in her lively scenes, they play a secondary role and are a result of what the lines and colour patches evoke in the artist’s mind. From the purely pictorial background emerges an emotion that assumes the shape of a human figure.

Her art work unites the somewhat hard character of acrylics and the livelier one of watercolours to achieve a power that is so typical for Christine Comyn’s paintings. Her technical command of her chosen mediums has enabled her to achieve her ultimate aim – to create rich and deeply convincing works of art worthy of international recognition.