newyorkskyline_lgMichael Lawes specialises in cityscapes at night; He likes the profusion of architectural styles, the bright lights of cafes, shops, theatres, hotels, illuminated signs and advertisements; a place alive with people and traffic. Colour, reflections and the effects of artificial light are his principal themes. He particularly likes the stunning effects of light reflecting on water and wet surfaces and the striking contrasts of flood and neon lighting. His technique of combining pastel with gouache on a rough surface watercolour paper gives his work a vibrancy and glow unique in contemporary painting.

Subjects for his paintings are inspired by frequent trips to cities both in the UK and abroad, where he sketches and photographs to gather information and capture the atmosphere.

manhattenbridge_lgMichael’s work has appeared in numerous magazine articles and books and a short film has been made of his paintings of Birmingham.

Painting for him is very much a journey of discovery, following his instincts, striving for excellence. His distinctive work has transformed the familiar everyday view of our cities into exciting dramatic effects of light with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour.

Michael studied at Birmingham College of Art and Design; he has had five solo shows and received numerous awards.