art by Jo Bunce - Parrot Tulip

The Style Cube Art Publisher and Gallery has released new Limited Edition art by British artist Jo Bunce as part of its Summer 2010 collection.

Jo’s exquisitely detailed floral works make us stop short and really look at the detail of each flower. Flowers in nature are so small that people rarely take the time to view them in detail. But the scale of Jo’s work surprises us into taking the time to see and absorb the beauty that Jo sees.

She creates paintings that at first glance seem simple with smooth, vibrant colours. But her superb handling of just a few colours gives her work a lustre and life that match the natural subjects and allow the flower to simply share its perfection with us.

A Style Cube art buyer comments “I view hundreds, perhaps thousands, of paintings every year and have the privilege of meeting some of the highly emotive and intelligent artists working in Britain today. Jo’s works really stand out from the crowd – because of the technical skill displayed, the vibrancy of the colours and simply because they have a certain joyful quality.”

View an example of Jo Bunce’s Floral Art.

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