art by laurance blackwell

The Style Cube Art Publisher and Gallery has released new Limited Edition art by Laurance Blackwell, a British artist, as part of its new collection. Laurance’s work comprises a range of abstract canvases inspired by music and sounds.

It is not difficult to imagine a violent storm from a musical composition designed to describe it, as there is a similarity in sound. But Laurance’s success in portraying a storm on canvas in his “Blackbird in a Thunderstorm” defies explanation.

Some of his visual representations of music are obvious: a high pitched sound is thin and pale in colour; a low sound is broad and deep in colour. Hard, abrupt sounds are indicated by a sharply defined edge; an indistinct sound by a soft feathered edge. With, of course, a wide variation in texture between these two extremes.

But because of the atmosphere and emotion created by music, the artist becomes completely absorbed in the sound and his instinct takes over with the most fantastic results.

The artist himself uses the term “sonism” for his visual description of sounds. The inspiration for much of his work has come from renowned pieces of music to which he has a strong connection. Laurance is drawn to the intensity and strong identities of pieces such as Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and the opera “Carmen”.

He represents these familiar pieces of music with paint on canvas by stripping away repeats and variations, and discovering the few remaining individual sounds that leave their trace. In this way he satisfies the inevitable need to condense a period of time onto a static canvas.

Laurance’s unique visual descriptions of sound are a pure celebration of what may be heard everyday; from great musical compositions to birdsong to the patter of rain.

View an example of Laurance Blackwell’s Abstract Art.

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